To watch any of the videos below:

  1. Click the 'Select' button next to the video to select it.
  2. After the video loads into the video player, click the 'Play' button to start it.
  3. Set the video to run in FULL SCREEN mode by clicking the 'full screen' button in the video player.
  4. If the video is BLURRY, follow the TIP at the bottom of this page to set the video to high-resolution so it is clear.



ID Title Length
1 VeloScan Complete Overview 05:20 minutes
2.1 Document Scanning 15:04 minutes
2.2 Document Classification 07:39 minutes
2.3 Configuring Document Groups 08:42 minutes
2.4 Document Verification 04:41 minutes
3.1 Searching For Documents 05:24 minutes
3.2 Viewing Documents 04:44 minutes
3.3 Editing Document Pages 03:53 minutes
4 Putting It All Together 04:49 minutes
5 Configuring Users And Roles 07:15 minutes
6.1 Workflows 09:41 minutes
6.2 Cases 13:12 minutes
6.3 Omitted Document Cases 03:50 minutes
7.1 Auditing User Activity 01:48 minutes
7.2 Database Maintenance 05:07 minutes
7.3 Document Status 03:42 minutes
8 Switching VeloScan To MultiUser Mode 05:21 minutes

TIP: If the video is BLURRY in full-screen mode, then in the bottom-right corner of the display, click the Settings icon (wheel), click on Quality, and select 1080p  (as shown in the picture at the right). video viewing tip